Dear CREW M members,

I feel so privileged to have been appointed as president for 2019.

The challenge will be all that much greater as I take the reins from an impressive predecessor – an exceptional, enterprising woman and leader, an uncompromising perfectionist, who is a great visionary and lightning-fast thinker.

Most thankfully, I will not be alone in this new adventure. Surrounded by a very active board and a dedicated general manager, I will be capably assisted as we pursue our objectives and bring to life the projects I have planned for our organization.

Do you realize the fundamental role we play in our economy? We are all influencers in our own way. And together, our impact is huge. That’s why, with the aim of propelling women even further, CREW M places great value on mentorship and leadership training.

As members, you know by experience, that it’s all about meeting, sharing and learning. It’s to have the privilege of benefiting from stimulating discussions, which make us grow, which give us greater confidence. Whether you are rising stars making your mark in the industry or more experienced women whose accomplishments command admiration, you are helping to advance the place of women in commercial real estate. Women, like you, like us, like me.

Our agenda is already packed with events and activities that you are going to love – other great reasons to keep up your involvement in CREW M! I am counting on you to continue to make concrete contributions to help build on our vision’s foundation. By showcasing inspiring female role models for future generations who dream of pursuing a career in our sector, you will open the door to a tomorrow of greater opportunity…

I look forward to starting 2019 at your side!


Sonia Gagnon
President CREW M 2019
President, Executive director – SGM Communication intégrée