The event also marks the debut for Wendy Mann, CAE, new President and CEO of CREW Network as well as President of the CREW Network foundation. During her introductory speech at noon on Friday, Wendy referenced the quote : You will not always end up where you thought you would end up, but you will always end up where you are supposed to be, in describing the path that led her to CREW Network.

2017 Priorities

Alison Beddard, 2017 President of CREW Network, shared her priorities for the network :

  • Encourage business opportunities among the members of the network.
  • Make our mark as the leading producer of research on women in commercial real estate.
  • Continuous improvement of content and resources for members, including the launch of a new ‘Social Media Playbook’ and the publication of articles and stories about members that will keep us updated on what is going on in the industry and with our members.
  • Improvement of technology in order to better serve members, including the launch of a new website for the Crew Network, the new CREWbiz directory, as well as a new website model for the chapters.


Nominating Committee for the 2017 CREW Network

We are proud to have Stéphane Lincourt, one of our members, on the 2017 Nominating Committee as first alternate. The six new delegates will join the network’s executive committee to select the list of directors and the elected President of the Networkd’s 2018 Board of Directors.

Network foundation and scolarships

Once again this year, the CREW M chapter will participate in the chapter challenges, notably reaching 100% of donations from the members of the Board of Directors. Keep in mind that our donations are used to offer scholarships to commercial real estate students and that scholarships are online until April 30, 2017. The winners will be announced on July 11th.

Dates to remember:·

We encourage you to submit nominations for the Impact Awards before April 15th.

The next Leadership Summit will take place in Toronto on June 22nd and 23rd.

The next Network Convention will take place from October 25th to 27th in Houston, Texas.