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Networking events

Attend CREM M events and make new professional contacts, strengthen the ones you already have and help foster a spirit of camaraderie with other real estate professionals.

Professional development

Participate in our outstanding mentorship program which offers mentees the opportunity to benefit from astute advice regarding career advancement. For mentors, it's a great opportunity to share their expertise and experience. This unique, well-structured program is free for all members.

Business development

Take advantage of business development opportunities through our events or business sponsorships.

Leadership development

Participate in a committee or join the board to build your leadership skills.

Visibility platform

Enjoy access to a range of opportunities to promote your skills within the industry. CREW M has developed several communication tools that provide excellent visibility platforms for sharing your expertise and achievements.

Take part in events at our members' rate

Network with professionals from the commercial real estate community and attend talks given by speakers considered to be industry leaders at attractive rates reserved for members only. Members may also attend CREW Network summits and board meetings.

Member-only events

Be a part of special events, organized exclusively for CREW M members.

CREW M directory

Get access to CREWBiz, CREW Network's online contact database. Broaden your reach and access contact information for over 11,000 commercial real estate professionals in 75 major markets in North America.

Membership fees and eligibility

After choosing your membership category, simply provide your information using our registration form. Once you have filled it out and sent it in, a member of CREW M will be in touch to welcome you.


Experience is acquired. Thankfully, it can also be shared

Mentorship is recognized as an essential element in helping women prepare for and access senior positions. As part of CREW M’s mission, the mentoring program has the following objectives:

   – Improve parity and diversity in a male-dominated industry

   – Build a talent network for future commercial real estate professionals

   – Provide constructive feedback to support growth and success

   – Enhance leadership and career development skills of CREW network members

Main advantages of mentorship

For the mentee :

- Increased chances of success in achieving professional goals;
- Development of professional skills and abilities;
- Increased confidence in the workplace;
- Good opportunity to network and to develop networking skills;
- Career opportunities;
- Increased professional autonomy.

For the mentor :

- Personal satisfaction in sharing expertise and professional experiences;
- Opportunity to develop skills and leadership;
- Contribution to the training of future managers;
- Opportunity to exchange new ideas and perspectives;
- Feeling of contributing to one's profession and professional environment;
- Expand your professional network;
- Increased professional autonomy.

What is mentorship and CREW M's mentorship program?

Mentoring is a relationship between a mentor and a mentee, in which the mentor shares his or her wisdom, expertise and professional experiences to help the mentee develop additional professional skills and to achieve given goals. Mentoring is voluntary and unpaid, and requires honesty, trust and ethics on both sides. The CREW M mentoring program is a one-year program that is reserved exclusively for CREW M members. A fee of $50 is required from selected mentees. Program participants receive training before beginning their mentorship relationship.


Free mandatory training is offered to both mentors and mentees. Our mentoring coach will help the cohort understand each other's roles and define their goals.


The program begins with a matchmaking event. At this event, you will have the opportunity to talk to the mentors in the cohort on a 1-to-1 basis to help you identify the mentor of your choice. The committee will finalize the matchmaking process.

How it works

Each dyad is to identify its own objectives and expectations, and to determine the frequency and location of meetings. Meetings are suggested to be one hour per month, evenly spread throughout the year.

Mentorship program calendar

2024 cohort

February 2024

Announcement of program launch and registration period.

Places are limited to 20 dyads, and selection will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

March 2024

Mentee registration closes on March 3rd, 2024 at 11:55 p.m.

Matching of dyads on March 14, 2024 (5:30pm to 7:30pm).

April 2024

Announcement of dyads - early April.

Mandatory in-person training on April 5, 2024 (lunch).

September 2024

Atelier for the mentors and mentees.

February 2025

Closing event on Friday, February 7, 2025 (lunch).

Eligibility conditions

For the mentee :

Young professional mentoring for mentees (0-5 years of experience) :
- Must be a CREW M member
- Have 0 to 5 years of professional experience
- Have an up-to-date CV
- Application period from February 7 to March 3rd
- Completed application form (form to be completed below)

Professional mentoring for mentees (6+ years of experience) :
- Must be a CREW M member
- Have 6 or more years of professional experience
- Have an up-to-date CV
- Application period from February 7 to March 3rd
- Completed application form (form to be completed below)

Register as a mentee

For the mentor :

For the mentor:

For mentors wishing to support mentees with 0 to 5 years of experience:
- Over 10 years of experience
- Have an up-to-date CV
- Must be available on matchmaking and training dates
- Members and non-members are welcome

For mentors wishing to accompany mentees with 6+ years of experience:
- Over 15 years of experience
- Have an up-to-date CV
- Be available on the twinning and training dates
- Members and non-members are welcome

For more information on the mentoring program, please contact :



Soline Zomahoun, co-director, mentorship sub-committee

Cell : 514 841-7746

Tatiana Hakim, co-director, mentorship sub-committee

Cell : 438 871-1694

Véronica Lalli, co-director, mentorship sub-committee

Cell : 514 882-0610


For further information, please refer to the French page here.