Members advantages
Networking events

Attend CREM M events and make new professional contacts, strengthen the ones you already have and help foster a spirit of camaraderie with other real estate professionals.

Professional development

Participate in our outstanding mentorship program which offers mentees the opportunity to benefit from astute advice regarding career advancement. For mentors, it's a great opportunity to share their expertise and experience. This unique, well-structured program is free for all members.

Business development

Take advantage of business development opportunities through our events or business sponsorships.

Leadership development

Participate in a committee or join the board to build your leadership skills.

Visibility platform

Enjoy access to a range of opportunities to promote your skills within the industry. CREW M has developed several communication tools that provide excellent visibility platforms for sharing your expertise and achievements.

Take part in events at our members' rate

Network with professionals from the commercial real estate community and attend talks given by speakers considered to be industry leaders at attractive rates reserved for members only. Members may also attend CREW Network summits and board meetings.

Member-only events

Be a part of special events, organized exclusively for CREW M members.

CREW M directory

Get access to CREWBiz, CREW Network's online contact database. Broaden your reach and access contact information for over 11,000 commercial real estate professionals in 75 major markets in North America.

Membership fees and eligibility

After choosing your membership category, simply provide your information using our registration form. Once you have filled it out and sent it in, a member of CREW M will be in touch to welcome you.


Experience is acquired. Thankfully, it can also be shared

Mentorship is recognized as a critical element to help women prepare for and attain upper-level positions. According to a CREW Network study, women who were followed by a mentor increased their chances of securing a mid- or top-level management position by 56% vs. those without a mentor.


Lawyer, Partner
Donati Maisonneuve, s.e.n.c.r.l.

Partner, Business Development

Former Vice President Retail Strategy and Operations
FPI Cominar


Managing Director
Investissement PSP

Vice President, Development, Retail
Ivanhoé Cambridge

Vice President, Leasing Retail
FPI Cominar

Business Development Director
First Canadian Title (FCT)

Partner, Real Estate

Main advantages of mentorship

Pour le ou la mentor(e) :

- Personal satisfaction gained by sharing one's professional expertise and experiences
- Opportunity to develop one's skills and leadership
- Contribution to the next generation of managers
- Opportunity to exchange new ideas and perspectives
- Hiring opportunities
- A sense of usefulness to one's profession and within one's work environment
- A larger professional network

Pour le ou la mentoré(e) :

- Increased chances of achieving professional goals
- Development of professional skills and abilities
- Confidence in one's work
- Good opportunity to network and develop networking skills
- Potential career opportunities
- Greater professional autonomy

What is mentorship and CREW M's mentorship program?

Mentorship is an interpersonal relationship between a mentor and mentee in which the mentor shares their wisdom and professional expertise and experiences in order to further the development of the mentee, who hopes to acquire additional professional skills and achieve defined goals. Mentorship is voluntary and free, and requires honesty, trust and ethical conduct, both from the mentor and the mentee.
The CREW M mentorship program is free, reserved exclusively for CREW M members and lasts one year. All program participants go through a training session before starting the program.


A free 3-hour training session is given by Lyne Talbot, professional coach. It allows the mentee to define their objectives and expectations. For the mentor, this training aims to develop active listening skills and establish expectations on their side.


Immediately after the training session, participants will take part in a speed-dating-style evening to match mentees with a mentor. Each side will present their expectations and personal goals. They will submit their choices to the Membership and Mentorship Committee, who will then pair off participants, respecting as much as possible the desired choices. The results are announced during the annual general meeting.

How it functions

Each mentor-mentee pair is responsible for identifying their specific goals and expectations, and deciding where and how often they will meet. We recommend they meet an hour a month. The program begins on the date of the AGM and officially ends at the next one.

Mentorship program calendar


September 2019


October 17, 2019

Training Level 1

December 10, 2019

Twinning activity

April 2020

Training Level 2

Eligibility conditions

Pour le ou la mentor(e) :

Must be a member of CREW M.
Must be available on October 30 and December 4, 2018, as well as 1 evening in April 2019, to take part in mentorship training sessions and the speed mentoring activity.
Have at least 10 years of relevant experience.

S’inscrire comme mentor(e)

Pour le ou la mentoré(e) :

Must be a member of CREW M for at least 1 year.
Have 2 years of commercial real estate experience.
MANDATORY participation in mentorship training program level 1 scheduled on October 30, 2018 and speed mentoring activity scheduled on December 4, 2018 (see dates in program schedule), as 1 evening in April 2019.

S’inscrire comme mentoré(e)

To learn more, contact :

Nathalie Picard
Téléphone: 514-574-5985