President's message

Dear CREW M members,

I feel so privileged to have been appointed as president for 2019.

The challenge will be all that much greater as I take the reins from an impressive predecessor – an exceptional, enterprising woman and leader, an uncompromising perfectionist, who is a great visionary and lightning-fast thinker.

Most thankfully, I will not be alone in this new adventure. Surrounded by a very active board and a dedicated general manager, I will be capably assisted as we pursue our objectives and bring to life the projects I have planned for our organization.

Do you realize the fundamental role we play in our economy? We are all influencers in our own way. And together, our impact is huge. That’s why, with the aim of propelling women even further, CREW M places great value on mentorship and leadership training.

As members, you know by experience, that it’s all about meeting, sharing and learning. It’s to have the privilege of benefiting from stimulating discussions, which make us grow, which give us greater confidence. Whether you are rising stars making your mark in the industry or more experienced women whose accomplishments command admiration, you are helping to advance the place of women in commercial real estate. Women, like you, like us, like me.

Our agenda is already packed with events and activities that you are going to love – other great reasons to keep up your involvement in CREW M! I am counting on you to continue to make concrete contributions to help build on our vision’s foundation. By showcasing inspiring female role models for future generations who dream of pursuing a career in our sector, you will open the door to a tomorrow of greater opportunity…

I look forward to starting 2019 at your side!

Sonia Gagnon
President CREW M 2019
President, Executive director – SGM Communication intégrée

- Mandate and priorities -

CREW M is part of CREW Network, created in 1989, and the first network in the industry to be devoted to the promotion and success of women in commercial real estate.

Its 12,000 members, representing nearly every discipline in the commercial real estate sector, are spread among the network’s 75 chapters, located in all the major North American markets, including 6 chapters in Canada: Vancouver, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal.

CREW M is going through a global overhaul in our approach to expand our reach within the Greater Montreal region and to the rest of the province.

CREW M is a successful business catalyst for its members. At heart is the desire to adopt a business model based on diversity and to highlight women’s achievements and expertise in the industry. CREW M members are well recognized for the quality of their contribution to the industry.

CREW M is a “hub,” a place of exchange and enrichment, where all industry disciplines converge on a unique platform offering relevant content and memorable experiences through forums and through both real and virtual meetings that promote fruitful business exchanges between members.

CREW M’s main objectives are to :

– Grow the organization through increased visibility and prominence

– Mobilize members and the industry itself in support of  the advancement of women

– Provoke change by being a source of inspiration for all industry players

CREW M’s priorities for 2019–2022 are:

– Obtain a commitment from real estate companies to achieve gender parity on boards.

– Better prepare the next generation of female real estate professionals in all fields.

–  Promote sharing and exchange of knowledge between professional women active in the 30 or so different fields in the commercial real estate industry.

All our members are firm in their desire to positively influence today’s industry, to be agents of change and facilitators of a welcoming, competent and diverse industry.

This influence is expressed in four areas: business development between members, leadership development, industry research (by CREW Network) and a range of initiatives related to career advancement.

You can learn more about these initiatives on the other pages of our website. We invite you to explore!

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CREW is for women who want to reinvent the world by their leadership and innovation

As a CREW M member, you will have the opportunity to stay on top of the latest trends and developments, sharpen your views on the industry and live unforgettable moments with likeminded peers. But above all, you'll position yourself as a key player in your field, letting the world know that you want to have a hand in shaping today's industry.


The stories below shows the enthusiasm of our professional women in regard to their membership to CREW M. The expansion of a business network as well of the achievement of major projects are highlighting the career of these women. In every speeches made by them, growth and knowledge are brought out.

Roselyne Rovira

Director of Business Development, STS Maintenance

The mentorship program has done so much for me. I have met, wonderful, inspiring women who make me want to go further and outdo myself. Thanks to their experience and knowledge, I have the privilege of accessing new work tools and methods, and being part of incredibly rewarding exchanges.

Martine Peyton

Senior Partner, ELEMENTS Planification Urbaine

Without a doubt, CREW M helped me further my career by giving me opportunities to develop important new skills that I have yet to utilize. One of my defining experiences was my live interview on (TV news show) Canal Argent, which was a great moment of personal affirmation. I realized then the power of this respected, dynamic and audacious network that is based first and foremost on collaboration.

Marie-Josée Frigon

President, Trafic Design

My membership in CREW M has allowed me to build my professional network in the commercial real estate industry, both among clients and partners, with whom I have carried out some amazing projects. And the sharing of timely information about our market is critical for me if I am to stay up-to-date on all the latest developments and opportunities.

Guylaine Boivin

General Manager, Tour Deloitte, La Corporation Cadillac-Fairview limitée

A caterpillar transformed into a butterfly! That’s the metaphor I use to describe myself since joining CREW M. My involvement with CREW M has made a huge difference to my career. I have become so much more confident and sure of myself. My network has grown far beyond what I could have hoped and I have the pleasure of meeting exceptional and inspiring women!

of directors
President  /
Sonia Gagnon
SGM Communication intégrée
President Elect /
Maryse Couture
Toiture Couture
Past President /
Linda Rouleau
FPI Cominar
Treasurer /
Maude Lavoie
Secretary /
Maria Concetta Giampa
Oxford Properties Group
Administrator Membership /
Nancy Coutu
Stewart Title
Administrator Strategic Planning /
Chantal Cousineau
Administrator of Finance /
Pierre Scott
Johnson Controls Canada LP
Administrator Communications /
Caroline Lacroix
FPI Cominar
Administrator of Events /
Sonia Lepage
CBC Radio Canada
Administrator - Quebec City /
Marie-Ève D'Amours
General Manager /
Linda Rigg
- Our different -

CREW M's success unquestionably rests on the organization's diverse committees. They are skilfully overseen by our members and allow for an ever-expanding array of initiatives.

Communications and Public Relations

The Communications and Public Relations Committee aims at promoting and showcasing the members of CREW M, all exceptional women, by creating and maintaining critical platforms such as our website, newsletter,  as well as maintaining social media presence. The committee’s platforms focus on raising the association’s profile, communicating information relating to the real estate sector to the public and promoting networking and visibility of its members.

Caroline Lacroix



Marie-France Benoit


Groupe Altus

Denise Bousquet

DBA Communication

Emilie Therrien

Mc Millan

Annick Richard


Valérie Gagnon

Fiera Capital

Mylène Forest

Gestion Forest Prudhomme

Anissa Hébert


Jacinthe Lachapelle


Caroline Gaudreault


Membership and Mentoring

CREW M’s exceptional success is mainly due to the quality of its members. The membership and mentoring committee aims to attract women with diversified profiles in order to reinforce CREW M’s multi-disciplinary nature.  The committee approves membership applications in compliance with pre-established criteria and accompanies new members during their first year as a CREW M member (by introducing the new member at events, etc.)  The committee is also responsible for the mentorship program, where members are matched in a mentor/mentee relationship and are followed for their professional progress throughout the year.

Nancy Coutu


Stewart Title

Jacinthe Lachapelle

Director, Recruting


Nathalie Picard

Director, Mentorship

Recrutement Précision

Julia Cloutier

Director, Member Services


Francine Labelle


Groupe Global

Julie St-Arnaud


Colliers International

Julie Godbout


Groupe Forum

Edith Maltais

Member Services

Citron Hygiène

Mélanie Morin

Member Services

Hillpark Capital

Fiona Leclerc

Member Services

PSP Investments

Lucille Beuriot

Member Services

Groupe Forum


The objective of the Events Committee is to assist CREW M in accomplishing its mission by providing a window on its members’ professional activities, by organizing events that keep these activities top of mind. The Events Committee strives to highlight CREW M members and to provide them with opportunities to acquire and hone their leadership skills, to enable them to build relationships through efficient and structured networking activities and to allow various forms of mentoring. Whether it’s by hosting conferences or networking events, we always have at heart the recognition of the success of women in commercial real estate by the industry.

Sonia Lepage


CBC Radio Canada

Kassandra Grenier


Amélie Fahey

Devimco Immobilier

Martine Gratton*

Allied Properties REIT

Mélanie Larocque-Aleman

Étudiante UQAM

Eleonora Eusepi

BCF Avocats d'affaires

Lizane Proietti

Groupe Mach

Nathalie Tremblay

MK Illumination Canada Est

Jean-François Paré-Zagrodnik

A7 services


CREW M’s success is thanks to the great generosity of its partners. For an organization such as CREW M, sponsor participation and funding are the pillars of its success. The committee focuses on developing programs that meet the needs – and surpass the expectations – of its partners, allowing them and CREW M to shine on the industry stage. It’s a privilege for the Sponsorship and Finance Committee to promote its partners, who are all leaders in the commercial real estate sector and believe strongly in supporting the success of women in the industry.

Pierre Scott


Johnson Controls Canada LP

Marilou Hudon-Huot

Société de développement Angus

Marylène Ménard

Installe-Tech / Modulation

Marie-Ève Hénault

Veritiv Corp

Nathalie Gauthier

Bentall Kennedy

Katrina Fiege

Cushman & Wakefield

Amanda Luu

AEC Property Tax

Laurence Binette


Guylaine Boivin

Cadillac Fairview

Johanne Marcotte

Ivanhoé Cambridge

Maria Concetta Giampa

Groupe Immobilier Oxford

Sonia Gagnon

Agence SGM

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is essential to any organization. CREW M Strategic planning committee’s objective is the implementation of a collective effort by all members, who are committed to share a common vision and mission, to establish specific goals and to explore paths to achieve and realize them.

Chantal Cousineau


BDO Canada

Édith Poirier

Groupe Sélection

Anne Boutin

Anne Boutin Services Juridiques

Mylène Forest

Gestion Forest Prudhomme

Sandrine Debbané

Ivanohé Cambridge

Mylène Nadeau

Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP

Sandra Lécuyer


Widad Mas

VIA Rail Canada

Sonia Gagnon

Agence SGM

Linda Rouleau

Industrielle Alliance

Maryse Couture

Toiture Couture


Manon Larose


Caroline Dion


Mariline Galarneau


Sarine Boumerrhi

Clair de Lune

Virginie Pontbriand


Ugo Cianciulli

Loracon Construction

Nicolas Désourdy


Guylaine Breault

A2 Design

Luc Lavigne

Oberfeld Snowcap

Nadheige Germain


Gabrielle Harris

Groupe Immobilier Oxford

Sandra Mellul


Ben Labrecque


Quebec City

Marie-Ève D'Amours-Ouellet



Valérie Belle-Isle



Mylène Forest


Gestion Forest Prud'homme

Marie-France Benoit

Groupe Altus

Reine Dupuis



Catherine Lachance


FPI Cominar

Nathalie Desbiens

Membership & mentorship

Ivanhoé Cambridge

Christine D'Amours

Membership & mentorship


Roxanne Carrier



Lucie La Boissonnière


FPI Cominar


Maryse Couture

Toiture Couture

Sonia Gagnon


Agence SGM

Linda Rouleau

Industrielle Alliance

Stéphanie Lincourt


Nathalie Bédard

Donati Maisonneuve

Jacinthe Lachapelle


Catherine Vourakis

Manulife Real Estate

Pascale Tétrault

Figurr Collectif d'architectes

- Our -

With over 12,000 members in North America, CREW Network is the premier network dedicated to the success and promotion of women in the commercial real estate industry.

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Founded in 1989, CREW Network (Commercial Real Estate Women) is the first network in the industry to devote itself to promoting and supporting the success of women in commercial real estate. Our 12,000 members from virtually all disciplines of the industry and our network has 75 chapters covering the major markets of the United States and six chapters in Canada, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Saskatoon and Montreal.

CREW Network is to remain a key player in the success of women in real estate focusing on four aspects: development business and leadership, research and career progression.

CREW Network members are recognized for the quality of service they provide to the industry. With a network as diverse, our members have the resources to create new ways to structure their transactions to benefit their business, and promote mutual assistance to get the job done.

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